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The Branford Boase Award for

Henrietta Branford Writing Competition 2016 - winning stories

What the Future Can Hold

by David Wright, aged 10 years, Winchester


Instantly I bounded up the stairs; up into my room and into my notebook planning and planning for something amazing, something marvellous something truly cool. After that, I headed for my best friends Ajay’s house and as soon as I got in I exclaimed, “We need to raise ten million pounds now!”

“How are we going to do that?”

“I dunno- cake sale,”

“You can’t raise ten million pounds on cakes!”

“Then: jumble sale; car wash; pocket money.”

“Let’s get started then!”

After a year we almost had enough to hire builders to start work on the Isle of Danube and build great tall walls and on the west side a sleek science lab, the whole complex covered in barbed wire- inside the foundations of a huge plaza of shops and a humongous visitor centre with huge exhibits. Out on the edge apartments stood to house visitors to the area. Wrapping around the visitor centre was huge enclosures covered in grassland and oases, going past was a car track for people to see inside the enclosures. Now I am 17 and animals are arriving. This amazing place is called Donkey land! There were donkeys of all ages, all types, donkeys from England, donkeys from Kenya and even genetically engineered “Zonkeys”! Truly amazing, biologically impossible Zonkeys- some of the most expensive creatures in the world!

After a year of preparation


We only had a day till the opening and it was the middle of the night; I was fast asleep until…! Bring! Bring! “Ughhh,”I groaned as I picked up the phone

“Hello,” it was Dean Trent, the chief technician,” It’s an emergency, you’ve got to come down to the garage now!” Shouted Dean. “What is it?”

“It’s the Zonkeys- they’ve been stolen! And some of the Donkeys escaped!”

“It’ll be ok,” (really I was extremely worried and nervous).

In the next 5 minutes I was at the garage watching: 1 van, 2 cars, and 4 quad bikes all wrapped in green camouflage printing- all diving onto the ferry. Immediately we all dived into yellow and green trucks and raced onto the next gleaming ferry.

After sometime, we were racing through the bright lights of Las Vegas with the huge skyscrapers teeming over us. There were bright white and blue police cars joining our convoy racing after the robbers. As we sped through the city- definitely exceeding the speed limit- rapid gunshots started to fire, almost killing a few of us. We barely survived, but the thing that really helped us win was the huge oil tanker that raged onto the road and immediately was set ablaze when an enemy van charge into it. Instantly the enemy charged away and right into our clutches when instantly we grabbed the Zonkeys and loaded them into our cars (meanwhile the police arrested the robbers).

As quick as we could, we zoomed back to Donkey Land diving onto the next ferry and trying as much as we could to get back quickly. We all knew we didn’t have much time as the park was opening in the next hour! As soon as we got of the ferry, we raced down to the park gates and sped down to the enclosures to put back the Zonkeys. It took us nearly half an hour racing round the track before we remembered that some normal donkeys had escaped!

As quick as a flash, we sped round the park picking up donkeys all the time a placing them in enclosures simultaneously. After that we headed for the opening with its bright banners and fireworks I was so excited!

10 Years Later

Pow, pow, pow was what the fireworks of the tenth anniversary were like with its hot dog stands and ice cream stalls attracting more visitors than ever. It was amazing! Almost like a Jamboree! There were mini traffic-jams everywhere you looked and 27. A spectacular number! There were queues for even the least popular things! In the labs there were people looking at how we breed animals and research results. All of the Donkeys were getting attention, especially the least favoured. Among the happy people a few were covered in dark clothes hidden from other visitors. They were the captures trying again… They wouldn’t manage it we were all sure of it- or maybe they will, who knows?

Josie Davies  |  Devon Davies |  Elsie Leiper  |  Isabelle Mills  |  Jessica Wood  |  David Wright

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