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2018 Winner


Mitch Johnson




Rebecca Hill
Becky Walker



The Other 2018 Nominees

A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars

by Yaba Badoe, edited by Fiona Kennedy (Head of Zeus: Zephyr)

The Starman and Me
by Sharon Cohen, edited by Sarah Lambert (Quercus Children’s Books)

Fish Boy
by Chloe Daykin, edited by Leah Thaxton (Faber)

Knighthood for Beginners
by Elys Dolan, edited by Clare Whitston and Elv Moody (Oxford)

Potter’s Boy
by Tony Mitton, edited by Anthony Hinton (David Fickling Books)

The City of Secret Rivers
by Jacob Sager Weinstein, edited by Gill Evans (Walker Books)

2017 Winner


M.G. Leonard


Beetle Boy


Barry Cunningham
and Rachel Leyshon (ed)


Chicken House

The Other 2017 Nominees


by Peter Bunzi, edited by Rebecca Hill (Usborne)

We are Giants
by Amber Lee Dodd, edited by Niamh Mulvey,

Little Bits of Sky
by Sue Durrant, edited by Kirsty Stansfield (Nosy Crow)

The Bubble Boy
by Stewart Foster, edited by Rachel Mann (Simon and Shuster)

The Girl of Ink and Stars
by Kiran Millwood Hargrave, edited by Rachel Leyshon
(Chicken House)

by Martin Stewart, edited by Shannon Cullen and Sharyn November
(Penguin Random House)

2016 Winner

Horatio Clare

Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot

Penny Thomas (ed)

Firefly Press

The Other 2016 Nominees

Stone Rider

by David Hofmeyr, edited by Ben Horslen and Tig Wallace (Penguin Radom House)

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones
by Will Mabbitt, edited by Ben Horslen, illustrations by Ross Collins (Penguin Radom House)

My Brother is a Superhero
by David Solomons, edited by Kirsty Stansfield (Nosy Crow)

Time Travelling with a Hamster
by Ross Welford, edited by Nick Lake (HarperCollins Children's Books)

The Art of Being Normal
by Lisa Williamson, edited by Bella Pearson (David Fickling Books)

2015 Winner

Rosie Rowell

Leopold Blue

Emily Thomas (ed)

Hot Key Books

The Other 2015 Nominees

one Jack
by Sara Crowe, edited by Charlie Sheppard and Eloise Wilson (Andersen Press)

The Year of the Rat
by Clare Furniss, edited by Jane Griffiths (Simon and Schuster)

by Giancario Gemin, edited by Kirstie Stansfield (Nosy Crow)

Half Bad
by Sally Green, edited by Ben Horslen (Puffin)

by Non Pratt, edited by Annalie Grainger and Denise Johnstone-Burt (Walker Books)

The Dark Inside
by Rupert Wallis, edited by Jane Griffiths (Simon and Schuster)

2014 Winner

C. J Flood

Infinite Sky

Venetia Gosling (ed)

Simon and Schuster

The Other 2014 Nominees

Winter Damage
by Natasha Carthew, edited by Rebecca McNally (Bloomsbury)

Wild Boy
by Rob Lloyd Jones, edited by Mara Bergman and Lucy Early (Walker)

Red Ink
by Julie Mayhew, edited by Emily Thomas (Hot Key)

Alex the Dog and the Unopenable Door
by Ross Montgomery, edited by Rebecca Lee and Susila Baybars (Faber)

The Poison Boy
by Fletcher Moss, edited by Imogen Cooper and Barry Cunningham (Chicken House)

Geek Girl  
by Holly Smale, edited by Lizzy Clifford (HarperCollins)

2013 Winner

Dave Shelton

A Boy and a Bear in a Boat

David Fickling (ed)

David Fickling


The Other 2013 Nominees

After the Snow
by S D Crockett, edited by Emma Young (Macmillan)

The Things We Did for Love
by Natasha Farrant, edited by Julia Heydon-Wells (Faber)

Daylight Saving
by Edward Hogan, edited by Mara Bergman (Walker)

A Hen in the Wardrobe
by Wendy Meddour, edited by Janetta Otter-Barry (Frances Lincoln)

Black Arts
by Andrew Prentice & Jonathan Weil, edited by Simon Mason (David Fickling)

A World Between Us        Highly Commended BBA 2013
by Lydia Syson, edited by Sarah Odedina (Hot Key)

2012 Winner

Annabel Pitcher

My Sister Lives on the Mantlepiece

Fiona Kennedy (ed)



The Other 2012 Nominees

Long Lankin
by Lindsey Barraclough, edited by Annie Eaton and Natalie Doherty (Bodley Head)

Being Billy
by Phil Earle, edited by Shannon Park (Puffin)

Small Change for Stuart
by Lissa Evans, edited by Annie Eaton and Ruth Knowles (Bodley Head)

Everybody Jam
by Ali Lewis, edited by Charlie Sheppard (Andersen Press)

Sky Hawk
by Gill Lewis, edited by Liz Cross (OUP)

A Beautiful Lie
by Irfan Master, edited by Emma Matthewson (Bloomsb


2011 Winner

Jason Wallace

Out of Shadows

Charlie Sheppard (ed)

Andersen Press

The Other 2011 Nominees

I Am The Blade
by J.P. Buxton, edited by Beverley Birch (Hachette)

When I Was Joe
by Keren David, edited by Maurice Lyon (Frances Lincoln)

Tall Story
by Candy Gourlay, edited by Bella Pearson (David Fickling)

Unhooking The Moon
by Gregory Hughes, edited by Roisin Heycock (Quercus)

The Crowfield Curse
by Pat Walsh, edited by Imogen Cooper (Chicken House)

2010 Winner

Lucy Christopher


Imogen Cooper (ed)

Chicken House

The Other 2010 Nominees

Devil’s Kiss
by Sarwat Chadda, edited by Lindsey Heaven, published by Puffin

Life, Interrupted
by Damian Kelleher, edited by Anne Clark, published by Piccadilly Press

Guantanamo Boy
by Anna Perera, edited by Shannon Park, published by Puffin

Big and Clever
by Dan Tunstall, edited by Ross Bradshaw, published by Five Leaves

by Rachel Ward, edited by Imogen Copper, published by Chicken House

Paradise Barn
by Victor Watson, edited by Leonie Pratt, published by Catnip

2009 Winner

B. R. Collins

The Traitor Game

Emma Matthewson (ed)


The Other 2009 Nominees

The Toymaker
by Jeremy de Quidt, edited by Bella Pearson (David Fickling Books)

Ways to Live Forever
by Sally Nicholls, edited by Marion Lloyd (Scholastic / (Marion Lloyd Books)

The Knife of Never Letting Go
by Patrick Ness, edited by Denise Johnstone-Burt (Walker Books)

by Katy Moran, edited by Denise Johnstone-Burt ( Walker Books)

Between Two Seas
by Marie-Louise Jensen, edited by Liz Cross (Oxford University Press)

Flood Child
originally published as Reavers' Ransom by Emily Diamand, edited by Imogen Cooper (Chicken House)

2008 Winner

Jenny Downham

Before I Die

David Fickling (ed)

David Fickling Books

The Other 2008 Nominees

Finding Violet Park      Highly Commended BBA2008
by Jenny Valentine, edited by Stella Paskins (HarperCollins)


Anna Hibiscus
by Atinuke, edited by Averil Whitehouse ( Walker)


Nathan Fox, Dangerous Times
by L Brittney, edited by Rachel Denwwod


by Sharon Dogar, edited by Barry Cunningham (Chicken House)


The Door of No Return
by Sarah Mussi, edited by Beverley Birch (Hodder)

2007 Winner

Siobhan Dowd

A Swift Pure Cry

David Fickling and Bella Pearson (ed)

David Fickling Books

The Other 2007 Nominees

Gideon the Cutpurse     Highly Commended BBA 2007
by Linda Buckley-Archer, edited by Venetia Gosling (Simon & Schuster)

by Charlie Fletcher, edited by Anne McNeil (Hodder)

by Ally Kennen, edited by Marion Lloyd (Marion Lloyd Scholastic)

The Awful Tale of Agatha Bilke
by Sian Pattenden, edited by Aurea Carpenter (Short Books)

Your a Bad Man, Mr Gum
by Andy Stanton, edited by Leah Thaxton (Egmont)

Note of Madness
by Tabitha Suzuma, edited by Charlie Sheppard (Random House)

2006 Winner

Frances Hardinge

Fly By Night

Ruth Alltimes (ed)


The Other 2006 Nominees

Century       Highly Commended BBA 2006
by Sarah Singleton, edited by Venetia Gosling (Simon & Schuster)

by Nicola Davies, edited by Caz Royds (Walker)

A Dog Called Grk
by Joshua Doder, edited by Audrey Adams and Liz Maude (Andersen Press)

The Burying Beetle
by Ann Kelley, edited by Jennie Renton (Luath Press)

by Anthony McGowan, edited by Shannon Park (Doubleday)

by Cat Weatherill, edited by Yvonne Hooker (Puffin)

2005 Winner

Meg Rosoff

How I Live Now

Rebecca McNally (ed)


The Other 2005 Nominees

by Alison Allen-Grey, edited by Kathy Webb (OUP)

by Frank Cottrell Boyce, edited by Sarah Dudman (Macmillan)

by Cathy Cassidy, edited by Rebecca McNally (Puffin Books)

Zeus on the Loose
by John Dougherty, edited by Sue Cooke (Young Corgi)

Wolf Brother
by Michelle Paver, edited by Fiona Kennedy (Orion)

Last Train from Kummersdorf
by Leslie Wilson edited by Suzy Jenvey (Faber)

2004 Winner

Mal Peet


Paul Harrison (ed)


The Other 2004 Nominees

The Various
by Steve Augarde, edited by David Fickling (David Fickling Books)

Inventing Elliott
by Graham Gardner, edited by Fiona Kennedy (Dolphin)

Follow me down
by Julie Hearn, edited by Liz Cross (OUP)

by L.S. Matthews, edited by Rachel Wade (Hodder)

by Eleanor Updale, edited by Kirsten Skidmore (Scholastic)

2003 Winner

Kevin Brooks

Martyn Pig

Barry Cunningham (ed)

Chicken House

The Other 2003 Nominees

by Julia Bell, edited by Sarah Davies (Macmillan)

ce Boy
by Patricia Elliott, edited by Jon Appleton (Hodder)

The Firing
by Richard MacSween, edited by Audrey Adams (Andersen)

Frank and the Black Hamster of Narkiz
by Livi Michael, edited by Rebecca McNally (Puffin)

The Quigleys
by Simon Mason, edited by David Fickling/Bella Pearson (David Fickling Books)

Feather Boy
by Nicky Singer, edited by Lucy Courtenay (HarperCollins)

2002 Winner

Sally Prue

Cold Tom

Liz Cross (ed)


The Other 2002 Nominees

Jessica Haggerthwaite – witch dispatcher
by Emma Barnes, edited by Emma Matthewsob (Bloomsbury)

The Beat Goes On
by Adelen Minchin, edited by Audrey Adams (Women’s Press)

(Un)arranged Marriage
by Bali Rai, edited by Sue Cook/Annie Eaton (Corgi)

Mortal Engines
by Philip Reeve
, edited by Kirsty Skidmore (Scholastic)

2001 Winner

Marcus Sedgwick


Fiona Kennedy (ed)


The Other 2001 Nominees

Control Shift
by Nick Manns, edited by Beverley Birch (Hodder)

by Hazel Riley, edited by Ron Heapy (OUP)

Wind Singer
by William Nicholson, edited by Cally Poplak (Egmont)

2000 Winner

Katherine Roberts

Song Quest

Barry Cunningham (ed)

Chicken House

The Other 2000 Nominees

Hunting Gumnor
by Stephen Pots, edited by Miriam Hodgson (Egmont)

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging
by Louise Rennison, edited by Brenda Gardner/Judith Evans (Piccadilly)

Can we keep it, Dad?
by Gus Clarke, edited by Janice Thomson (Andersen Press)

by Paul May, edited by Sue Cook (Transworld)

The Giant Goldfish Robbery
by Richard Kidd, edited by Annie Eaton/Alex Antscherl (Transworld)

Sharp Stuf
by Dominic Barker, edited by Annie Eaton/ Alex Antscherl (Transworld).


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